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Women Warriors and Me Time in Hout Bay

Its Women’s Month and Hout Bay Tourism Connect is asking you to join them in saluting the women who help the cogs turn for you to enjoy as you Discover Hout Bay, where you can experience a microcosm of South Africa in a seaside town steeped in history, cultural diversity with breathtaking views that encompasses the ocean and mountains.

Follow their social media channels on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter during August as they share about the women who help build what you get to experience in Hout Bay, a destination to Visit, Live, Work and Play.

You can also share your story of what you would spend as #MeTime as comments on their posts, especially after having to navigate life after these past few months of the pandemic, causing the world to go into lockdown. We’re sure that women have been instrumental in holding the “fort” playing multi-functional roles balancing home and work life at exactly the same time in the same space during this time. With things easing up and leisure travel being allowed its time to reward yourself and take care of your emotional and physical well being.

The women who have been doing this in Hout Bay should be saluted along with the many others out there and they’re asking you to help build a tribe as you support one another and fix each other’s crowns, as all strive to inspire and motivate. Share your story on their posts of how you have coped during this time and what survival tactics you have used.

We’re looking forward to seeing all the stories and ideas from you #WarriorWomen and what #MeTime you would like to experience.
For more info about Hout Bay, you can contact them at
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Shark Cage Diving with Marine Dynamics

Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai as an activity on the Cape Whale Coast in the Overberg Region is a bucket list item for us and we are so thankful and lucky to have had the opportunity to experience it with Marine Dynamics.

Though starting out the day way earlier than is usual for us we were out just before 7am to go get our registration and briefing done and getting ready to head out to the launch harbour of Kleinbaai where the shark cage diving tours leave from.

It was an educational and adrenaline experience of note and we have some pics to share with you about it. There will be more info to come as we share more soon about the interesting and amazing work being done by various responsible tourism businesses and their efforts in educating and conserving the natural and cultural heritage in their destination.

Slashfin the Marine Dynamics shark cage diving boat

These gulls were extremely excited and flew behind the boat as we entered the area we were going to experience the amazing Great White Shark

I realised why the birds were so excited because the chum used to create a scent trail to attract the sharks meant food for them

How is that for a first time viewing a big beautiful smile

The first group in the cage were extremely blessed to have had the shark come up this close.

Being this close to an apex predator was somewhat scary but more exciting and a recommended experience to include on your bucket list and at the same time contribute to conservation efforts especially through the Dyer Island Conservation Trust.

Part of the experience is to learn more about the work being done with businesses who have been finalists and winners for the Africa Responsible Tourism Awards at World Travel Market Africa who we have partnered with as part of the efforts for Responsible Tourism and collaborations being set up with Travel Massive Cape Town and Better Tourism Africa. So watch out for more of our blogs that we will be sharing about this.

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Pilgrimage with a Purpose

Sometimes the connect part of the name Cape Tourism Connect makes so much more sense when we’re reminded of the times when the actual connection is made.

Mel & Fuad
About 5 years ago I introduced Cape Camino to Melanie Burke a long time friend who I share a birthday with and so much more since we first met. We both believe that things happen as and when they should. So it was inevitable that the connection with Gabrielle and Melanie would result in something special and so as the Chairperson for StreetSmart South Africa, Melanie got the ball rolling to have all Cape Camino legs covered over a period of five years as part of fundraising efforts for StreetSmart South Africa. I personally participated in at least one of these fundraisers as I thankfully was available and in Cape Town at the time.


The journey is coming full circle or shall we say an infinite loop as per the idea of the Cape Camino and symbol we were introduced to in the shape it forms across the Cape Peninsula. Cape Camino has grown and prospered over the years and it’s amazing to see how much energy and experiences have been discovered and uncovered by all who go on this journey. Besides the Street Smart fundraiser there are some other legs or routes I have done as well and it’s been an interesting experience. I will be covering some more about this in another blog.


This blog is about the Street Smart fundraisers for 2019, of which Melanie is personally doing one as part of her own journey one step at a time. Read more about her embarking on her personal pilgrimage with a purpose on the Camino Francés in Northern Spain, where she will be walking a 120km to help to raise awareness and R50 000 for the upliftment of homeless children in South Africa. To pledge your support and donate towards the fundraising click here.


Looking forward to seeing Melanie’s target amount being reached and exceeded and also waiting to hear all about her experience when she returns.

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