Oxygen | Afrika Ablaze 2019

Afrika Ablaze Oxygen Cover

Ask someone whose land is this where poetry fails to capture the grief of loss and love, of tied up tongues, speechless, stumbling around in dirt and dust amongst fallen cradles with bloodied identities… where conversations fail to explain how some live watching strangers build walls around a mountain stream that once quenched thirsty souls…~ Glenda Jones

Ayana/Afrika Ablaze Dance Company is poised to present their latest and possibly one of their most challenging productions to date. Audiences can expect to be riveted to their seats by a compelling dance/drama performance.

The MASTERMIND: Highly acclaimed theatre maker, Glenda Jones, has once again written a script of brutal honesty that has all the makings of a brilliant and captivating production.

The ARCHITECT: Head Choreographer, Danielle-Marie Jones, is currently doing her Masters in Theatre & Performance (UCT). Jones, a recipient of the meritorious achievement award in the Performing and Creative Arts will once again be stunning crowds with her alternate, creative and innovative style.

“This was dance theatre at it’s very best” ~Marilyn Anderson, 2018

The DREAM TEAM: A team of outstanding actresses; Melissa Haiden, Bianca Mannie; and Nicole Bester will nurture the cast. Acrobatic Movement Coordinator, Chad Smith, and the dance team will once again be spinning their magic with OXYGEN as witnessed in the company’s highly reviewed 2018 production, When Cranes Cry.

“The quality and message of the show is world class” ~Derek Ronnie,2018

The ENGINE ROOM: Expect amazing levels of creativity from creative Directors Rikki Lee& Cindy Solomon, Marketing Director – Gino Solomon, Operations Manager – Natasha Beckett, Stage Managers – Kelly Gilbert & Desmond Roos, Backstage Manager – Cindy Solomon, Wardrobe – Sandra Floris, Logistics – Nawaal Gallant.

“The world needs more of this. Well done, Afrika Ablaze” ~ Chad van der Westhuizen, 2018

The INCREDIBLE CAST: Bianca Mannie, Nicole Bester, David Mwamba, Chad Smith, Danny Jones, Quisha Dawood, Lauren Jacobs, Edwill Meyer, Lindiwe Le Brasseur, Achaia Beukes, Robyn-Dee Van Neel, Davante Donjeany, Wade Segers, Ntando Mtsi-Sithole, Shane Rudolph, Zeah Jeaven, Jazmin Lee Prins, Thembelihle Shinga, Sage van der Vent, Tyra van der Vent, Jenna Luruli, Cassey Reines, Amahle Mtoto, Asange Nobhakada, Sara Daniels, Jada Daniels, Zara Lee Gorridon, Sade Adams, Che-lin Floris and a brand new additional cast of performers who successfully made it through the 2019 OXYGEN auditions.

“I think Afrika Ablaze should do a world tour!”  ~ Simone Momplé, 2018

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