Hout Bay Harbour

As a fishing village and working harbour there is also many other fascinating things and with only one road there it does causes chaos at the best of times. However this shows how popular and interesting this place is and here are some pictures of one of my walkabouts there.

Even though many are up in arms about the feeding of the seals one has to understand that all over the world it’s what people have been doing and with capitalism as a key influence it becomes difficult at this point in time to expect immediate changes so it’s a continuous struggle to work towards the exploitation of animals. One then has to question all the boat trips daily to the island too, are these also not detrimental to the livelihood of the animals.

Half sunken boat which I was informed will be afloat again during this year.

Was so happy when this seagull decided to pose in this shot.

All these boats show how good business must be in this harbour?

One of my best kept secrets on the harbour is this ice cream vendor, a scoop of jive strawberry in a sugar wafer cone is my ultimate fave.

Please share with us any of your pics and or experiences whilst at Hout Bay Harbour.



Looks so nice!

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